Leak Prevention & Repair

The most practical way to keep water out and the roof preserved is to keep it sealed. We know that replacing a roof is a big expensive project, so it’s important to know when a simple repair will resolve your leak. Bott Roofing has the necessary experience in Chicago area leak repair projects to recommend the most effective waterproofing product even across extreme temperatures.

When the roof drains are clogged or there are joints between different roof materials, water gets in. Masonry walls and elevations above the roof waterproofing level can have an effect in keeping the building envelope sealed from moisture. Wear and tear from the weather can also have an effect as seams fail over time. Whatever the reason, Bott Roofing can keep your roof well-maintained. We recommend yearly or bi-annual maintenance service for the best protection.

Often an elastomeric or silicone coating will provide superior UV resistance to enhance an existing membrane and extend the roof’s life without a full replacement. In other cases, a simple emulsion tar adhesive works in the interim before an inevitable replacement.