When can I contact you?

We are in the office 7-4 every weekday. Our number is (847) 438-9888. If you do not get through to us, please leave a voicemail including name, phone number and address and we will get back to you promptly. You can contact us by email whenever you want.

How big is your company?

6-15 employed.

How much experience have you had?

We have been operating as a full roofing company since 1991. Previous to that Tom Bott (President) worked on roofing projects doing everything.

How far do you service?

We service the North and Northwestern suburbs of Chicago. For more information, please see our Service Area page.

Are you fully bonded and insured?

Yes we are. We send out a copy of our certificate of liability insurance with every full roof estimate.

How soon can you come out?

Generally Tom or Kevin will be out to survey your roof within 2 business days to measure your roof, take a look at your leak, or gather information to draw up an estimate proposal. You’ll receive a proposal packet estimate via- Email within 1-2 days of site evaluation. Included in our packets are product brochures of all materials we use for your convenience.

How soon can you schedule my job to be done?

Full roof jobs during the summer and fall can usually be scheduled in about 3 weeks after receiving your signed contract and deposit—usually 10% of the job. We can work in service repairs sooner than that depending on the type of work required and the urgency.

What warranties do you offer?

Our company offers a 12 year labor and materials warranty for full roof replacements on residential, 15 – 30 year labor & material warranty for commercial.

Do you perform flat roofing work?

Yes, we offer several different types of flat roof systems. We have a extensive knowledge of different roof systems in the market.

Do you do roof/attic inspections?

We do full roof/attic inspections and provide our customers with a written report of conditions and recommendations along with estimated value of work that may be needed.

Do you offer masonry tuck-pointing service?

Yes, we perform masonry work. Often the services are best performed together and are very cost effective to the owner.

Do you hire sub-contractors?

Sometimes, to tackle portions of a project that are trade-specific. For most jobs, however, we believe we can obtain the highest quality work with our own highly trained crew.

Do you do copper sheet metal work?


Do you use dumpsters?

Generally we ferry our dump trucks back and forth for residential and smaller jobs.

Do you have a carpenter?

Yes, we have 2 to 3 highly skilled carpenters on staff.

How do I choose a contractor?

Prompt and clear communication with your contractor is essential. Pay attention to how professional and responsive the contractor is at the beginning of the project. If your experience is good in the bidding process, it will be likely to hold true when you’re in the middle of your project. Review the contractor’s credentials and ask for references to confirm the quality of the work performed by contacting three recent customers and three customers who have used the services of the contractor 5-10 years prior (if available). In the end you have to ask yourself: Do I trust this contractor to do what’s right?

Warning: Beware that the lowest or the highest price does not guarantee quality or integrity.

When looking for a contractor you should ask them if they are bonded and insured. You may ask them about their experience with situations like yours. They should be certified to apply roofing systems. You should ask them what they think the solution is – you may end up with more problems if you hire a contractor to merely do what you tell them to do!

Specifics that Roofing Contractors should be doing in the Chicagoland area:

  • They should be applying some kind of weather barrier onto your roof under the shingles. We highly recommend Grace Ice and Water Shield. They should also use an under layer of felt paper for weather proofing especially in valleys and the like.
  • They should appropriately flash and caulk skylights, most preferably not with tar since it pulls, shrinks and cracks too easily.
  • They should be reliable enough to give you assurance that they will do any repairs necessary on a job they have done previously on your building.

How do I choose roof products?

We believe in providing our customers with top quality roofing materials without exception. There are certain materials that are standard to our contracts such as Certainteed and Air Vent Ventilation products. Informative material brochures are included in proposal packets. We also provide our customers with shingle samples as well as references of nearby completed work which aids in the decision making process.

We welcome any questions or concerns the customer may have regarding the work to be done. When you communicate what you are looking for we will be glad to inform you of the options available to you.