Residential Services

We do a lot of re-roofing projects, as well as perform many roof repairs, inspections and diagnoses. At Bott Roofing, we believe that an informed customer is a better customer, so we are happy to answer any questions throughout the process, to make sure you understand and feel comfortable with all your decisions.

We perform free roof evaluations, using the latest technology, to detail the nature and locations of any existing problems. Depending on the roof’s condition, you’ll be provided with cost effective recommendations on how to extend its life or replace it – maximizing the return on your investment!

When shopping for a new roof it is important to start with a good evaluation and design. We take into account any issues that may be problematic, such as slope or structure, to make sure you get a solution that will last for years to come. Too many roofers are willing to provide interim solutions that will soon prove leaky. We know a roof is an investment in your home and deserves the attention of career craftsmen.

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