Attic Ventilation & Fans

There’s much more to roofing than shingles. Attic ventilation is probably the least understood requirement for achieving a healthy home. Unhealthy mold growth is a product of improper ventilation and insulation. While cleaning the mold out is first on your mind, we also focus on preventing future mold growth. We bring our expertise to this problem to evaluate and determine the answer for each ventilation challenge.

Owners often want to know why there are moisture problems in their attics. Mostly, it comes down to proper ventilation and airflow. Without effective attic ventilation, excess heat and humidity can cause unhealthy mold growth – resulting in higher air conditioning and heating bills and shortened roof life.

Circulating air is important to make sure condensation doesn’t form and that there is good air exchange in spite of any tight spaces or complex roof shapes. Air fans or ridge vents can help keep attics cool and dry. Proper insulation such as spray foam can also help prevent condensation and thus negate the need for ventilation, as well as keeping a hot attic cooler in the summer. A proper ventilation system is absolutely vital, not only to the health of the home, but also to the well-being of the home’s occupants.