Leak & Moisture Control

We offer simple solutions to complex problems that result from moisture and water damage. Roof leaks damage everything in their path and cause headaches for homeowners. They can cause rot in the wood structures of the home, and become sources of black mold that can cause health problems for the family. Our understanding of leak or moisture problems and of product options means we can provide a tailored solution for your roof. Bott Roofing’s work protects your home’s structure and prevents roofing-failure-related health hazards in your home.

Ice damming is common in homes with eaves that extend beyond the walls of the home. If the home’s attic lacks sufficient insulation, the heat rising from the home’s interior can quickly melt ice and snow only to refreeze again at the eaves. This builds up ice in the gutters that overflow into icicles. It also creates a foundation for the ice to grow back up and under the roof shingles at the eaves only to melt again into the roof structure traveling along any insulation or roof framing available. These same areas can become leak problem areas in the warm months over the years.

Bott Roofing has the expertise and resources to minimize and even eliminate ice damming on your roof system. Through a combination of insulation techniques including spray foam insulation and ventilation to dissipate excess heat and circulate fresh air, ice damming can be controlled. These same techniques can also be very effective on moisture and condensation issues. Read more about this under Attic Ventilation & Fans. Professional heat cable installation can also help control the freeze and thaw build-up of ice by creating an open path for snow melt to be channeled off and out of the roofing system.