Spray Foam & Insulation

We have consistently found the best option to stop condensation is closed cell spray foam. Spray foam is a great solution for a cooler and dryer surface, whether in attics or elsewhere throughout the building. And the best part is it can be applied to existing structures to keep even old roofs well-insulated.

We control the condensation at the roof plywood surface by spraying closed cell foam directly to the plywood surface itself. The foam causes a bridge between the wood surface, thus creating an effective air & vapor retardant. The insulation prevents the condensation from occurring at the surface. It’s a guaranteed solution to the problem.

Spray foam can also be applied to the attic floor. The air leakage into the attic will be greatly reduced thus reducing the vent load required by the attic. Similarly, a cold glass of water on a warm day sweats on the warm side of the glass. Put the foam insulator around the glass and no more sweating.

At Bott Roofing we not only deal with roofs and ventilation but also with insulation and the condensation problems within the building envelope. Closed cell spray foam is air-tight insulation that can be sprayed to cover any shape of surface. The solidified foam creates an effective moisture retardant by preventing condensation on the surface. It’s a guaranteed solution to the problem.

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